Hypnosis for Performance

Sports hypnosis refers to hypnotherapy used by athletes for improving performance. It uses hypnosis to improve performance. Sport hypnosis can enhance performance and provide therapeutic benefits. Athletes’ mental state is said to influence their performance during training and competition. Using hypnosis for mental training can enhance athletic performance. The use of sports hypnosis is widespread among athletes, coaches, and psychologists.

What Can It Help You With?

Focus on success and strategy
Achieve winning mindset
Releases negative mentality
How It Works
As part of our hypnotherapy session, I will gather information about you, your sport, and your current challenges. My next step will be to ask you a few basic questions about how your brain interprets and processes information. It gives me insight into how to customize your treatment based on your "suggestibility type".
Achieve a winning mindset
Many people feel that it is impossible to overcome a fixed mindset because these limitations are ingrained in the subconscious. Fixated mindsets are often associated with a lack of confidence, which can lead to anxiety related to sports performance.
Find Answers To Questions
By going through your past life, find answers to know why some things are happening to you in your present life. Learn ways to solve your problems from your higher self.
Deeply relaxed and well-rested
Following the session, you can expect to feel deeply relaxed and well-rested. Your thoughts and actions will be completely controlled as you are aware of everything around you at all times.

Increase & Optimize Your Sports Performance With My Expertise

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MONTHLY REPORTSThrough Hypnosis For Performance You Can

Attain relaxation during practice and competition
Control anxiety
Achieve optimal performance


Do you have additional questions?

What is sports hypnosis?

The goal of sports hypnosis is to help athletes overcome self-doubt and perform at their best by combining cognitive and sports science methodologies, as well as biomechanics, nutrition, and physiology.

In addition to controlling anxiety and managing stress, hypnosis may also help to relax the body and mind.

Who is sports hypnosis for?

Whether you are an individual athlete or a team, sports hypnosis can greatly benefit you. It’s not only professional athletes that can benefit, though.

Even amateur sports people face a great deal of stress and can get the benefits of sports hypnosis. You might be anxious about completing a tough physical challenge you’ve undertaken. Whether you’re looking for improvement in your physical performance or a change in your mindset, hypnotherapy may be able to help you.

Sports hypnosis can be helpful for coaches and managers, too. The techniques hypnotherapy will teach you are invaluable skills to pass on to your athletes.

How can hypnotherapy help with sports performance?

Sports hypnotherapy makes you more confident as well as more focused. By having the subconscious mind instill with an idea you can make yourself feel more confident, make yourself more focused on success and maintain healthy habits.

Hypnosis For Performance

When it comes to performing optimally in athletics, one needs to be in the best condition possible, both physically and mentally. It is no surprise that in order for an athlete to perform and their best, they must be in the proper headspace, regardless of how physically fit and prepared they are for the competition. Athletes understand that even the slightest distraction at the time of competition can cause them to perform below their standard, which can negatively impact the result of the competition. Because of this, it’s important for athletes to be able to clear their minds from anything that may negatively impact their performance so that they are able to do their best every single time.

For an athlete to be in the proper headspace can be challenging at times, and that is where hypnosis comes into play. Hypnosis allows you to enter a deep, trance-like state that will put you in a mind frame for optimal awareness. While in this trance-like state, you will be able to reach a level of concentration and focus that you otherwise would not have been able to reach. It is in this state of hypnosis that you are able to clear your mind from all distractions, accept that you are going to be partaking in an athletic competition, and get your mind to focus solely on the task at hand.

The theory behind sports hypnosis is that an athlete must be as relaxed and focused as possible in order to perform at their best. Because hypnosis has been shown to let individuals reach new levels of relaxation and focus, the results from using hypnosis on athletes to enhance athletic performance has been overwhelmingly positive.

Using hypnosis on athletes has not only been shown to increase levels of relaxation and focus, but it has also been shown to help control any feelings of anxiety and to manage stress in athletes, which are issues that can go beyond just competition day. Knowing that stress and anxiety can be mental illnesses, hypnotherapy is seen as a reliable method of helping deal with certain medical conditions such as stress and anxiety which can greatly affect an athlete’s performance.

After seeing the positive results from hypnotherapy on athletes, it is evident that hypnosis is an incredibly reliable tool when it comes to improving athletic performance. If you are an athlete who has trouble coping with pressure or you deal with conditions such as stress and/or anxiety, contact Ali Shah for hypnotherapy that has been shown to aid you in your performance.

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