Integral Eye Movement

Integral Eye Movement Therapy is an effective change work strategy that reduces post-traumatic stress, decreases negative emotions, and reduces memory repression. It deals with disempowered identities as well as memory repression. It is a quick and simple method that can relieve and release tension quickly. IEMT can be extremely helpful if you are suffering from trauma, phobias, anxiety, depression, and overreaction. IEMT brings positive change where traditional therapy has failed.

What Can It Help You With?

Answer questions about yourself such as "How did you learn to feel this way about this thing?
Work on letting go of the early memories that are causing patterns of emotional responses that may be inhibiting your lives.
Discover, understand and liberate the imprint caused on you due to negative experiences in the past.
How it Works
IEM essentially works by having the client visualize the problem and its imagery while being guided to move the eyes in different directions - (based on how we process information). Through exploration and collaboration with your therapist, you determine which memory to work with first. A combination of talk therapy (CBT) and simple eye movements begin the process of trauma healing.
Solve Past Trauma
Through IEMT, you can explore your past experiences and solve the root cause of your past trauma.
Relieve Stress
Through deep-dive into memories, remember the past, happy memories to calm and relax yourself and your spirit.
Bring Positivity In Your Life
Through remembering past, calming experiences, renew your thinking about your life and bring a more positive turn to your daily life.

Liberate Yourself From Previous Negative Encounters With My Expertise

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IEMTThrough IEMT I Can

Support you in processing difficult feelings
Help those with PTSD manages states of psychological overwhelm
Provide another self-help skill to you that you can practice on your own time to enhance self-regulation and resiliency


Do you have additional questions?

What Is IEMT?

The IEMT, or Integrated Eye Movement Therapy, is a set of simple, but effective Mind and Body techniques that work by moving the gaze and making posture adjustments with great precision in order to reduce the impact of difficult memories, thoughts, and feelings.

How Does IEMT Work?

IEMT sessions offer recovery within a brief number of sessions in which you learn to activate your natural healing processes. Through exploration and collaboration with your therapist, you determine which memory to work with first. A combination of talk therapy (CBT) and simple eye movements begin the process of trauma healing.

As a natural outcome of the IEMT therapeutic process, you experience a positive change to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours – helping to overcome your trauma. IEMT creates successful change in you and is an intervention that can also help improve challenging personal and business relationships.

Is IEMT the same as EMDR?

No. Both models use eye movements but in practice that is where the similarity ends.
EMDR is a model used mainly by licenced medical professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists. IEMT can be used by anyone trained in the model.

Integral Eye Movement

Unwanted feelings and constantly repeating unwanted behaviours are often times what make up a lot of our flaws as human beings. In a perfect world, everybody would feel and behave perfectly all the time, but that is never the case. As humans, our past life experiences and life decisions greatly impact how we act and think about things today. Because our lives are highly influenced by our past life events, it is crucial to be able to remember and deeply analyze the events that have occurred in the past in order to understand why we are the people we are.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a form of therapy that uses eye movements and questioning techniques in order to change a thought pattern that is reoccurring in your head and is problematic for you. It is known that moving our eyes in a specific manner is linked to the part of the brain that stores our memories and emotions, which allows us to reach deep within ourselves to analyze our memories and see why we feel how we feel. By accessing your deep memories and intense emotions, IEMT has been shown to induce a rapid sense of release and relief. Not only that, but IEMT reveals why you are repeating unwanted behaviours and will address your impulses without the need to dig into your past which may be potentially disturbing for you.

What sets IEMT apart from traditional forms of therapy is that IEMT does not require you to disclose any personal information during the process. The process of IEMT is so personal and intense that an individual needs not share anything he or she discovers when digging into their memory. It has been shown that as long as you are able to access your deepest memories and acknowledge the way you feel during IEMT, you will be able to resolve your unwanted feelings without knowing it. It has also been shown that by acknowledging any unwanted behaviours and analyzing the root of them, regardless of how far back in your life you need to travel, you will be able to stop or greatly reduce these behaviours. IEMT is a form of therapy that allows you to access these memories in a way that you would otherwise not be able to.

Knowing that none of your personal information will ever be shared during IEMT, it is an appealing form of therapy that has been shown to be overwhelmingly effective in relieving unwanted feelings and helping stop unwanted behaviours. With that said, IEMT has helped individuals change their lives for the better and positively impact the lives of those around them. If you would like to further discuss IEMT or experience it yourself, contact Ali Shah

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