Life Between Lives

The Life Between Lives hypnosis session takes you back to the very special time your soul spends living in spirit between incarnations. You experience yourself as an immortal soul, meet your guides and loved ones, and learn more about your soul lessons, life’s purpose, and other questions you have prepared. Many people experience healing and unconditional love in spirit during this period. It is a life-changing, profound experience.

What Can It Help You With?

Get in touch with memories from the past.
Identify why certain places have a deep impact on you.
Find out what your past lives are like and how your current Soulmate experiences are.
How It Works
Did you ever wonder, "why are we here?"What purpose does it serve to all of us experiencing such diverse emotions and behaviors which quite often seem out of our control? What happens when we die, where do we go, and why do we keep reincarnating over and over again? This is a soul-searching question that can be answered through a life between lives regression with me, a certified Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist.
Learn More About Yourself
Through this spiritual journey, learn more about who you are and why you are experiencing your current situation
Find Answers To Questions
By going through your past life, find answers to know why some things are happening to you in your present life.
Heal Your Spirit
Through life, feel unconditional love and heal your spirit from negative emotions. Learn to acknowledge yourself and become more confident about yourself

Learn More About Yourself And Your Existence With My Expertise

Hypnotized Sunset

MONTHLY REPORTSThrough Life Between Lives You Can

Why you are assigned to certain soul groups in the spirit world and what you do there
How you choose another body to return to Earth
The different levels of souls: beginning, intermediate, and advanced


Do you have additional questions?

What’s the Difference Between Past Life and LBL therapy?

A past life regression (PLR) explores your past physical incarnations; an LBL explores your immortal identity and spiritual heritage. LBLs require a deeper trance depth and last considerably longer than PLRs.

Will I remember the session? Will I do or say foolish things?

Your conscious mind remains present in clinical hypnosis, even though it is less active. Hypnotized subjects observe their usual moral codes and are quick to correct their facilitators if anything is misunderstood or believed incorrectly. Because the conscious and subconscious minds are integrated, the sessions will remain in your memory.

Will I be able to reach the necessary level of trance?

LBL can be achieved by most people if they reach a sufficiently high level of trance. A self-hypnosis session or visualization can help calm your mind if you usually have a busy mind.

Life Between Lives

People often disregard the idea of having a true purpose on earth as well as the idea of having an identity beyond who you are as a person. When it comes to your true identity, many believe that it’s much deeper than who you’ve made yourself out to be in this life. Similarly, when it comes to having a purpose on earth, many people believe that everybody is born with a purpose and that nobody is here for no reason. The problem is that nobody is able to know what their purpose on earth is without being able to access a world beyond what’s physical.

Using hypnotherapy, you are able to walk away from where you are, travel to your last known lifetime, and enter what is called the space between lives. This is known as Life between Lives, and it is a form of hypnotherapy that allows you to look at your life right beside your past life. This allows you to compare both lives and see the part of you that never dies – the part of you that seeks spiritual development and grows irritated with stagnancy. While you are in a state of hypnosis, you will communicate with your Spirit Guides, Soul Groups, and Soul Council. You will be able to ask questions and communicate about your life compared to your past life. It is during this time that you will gain a broader perspective of who you are, and it is during this time that you will finally be told your purpose on earth.

By understanding your life’s purpose, you will feel a lot better about being where you currently are, and you will trust that you are headed in the right direction. This form of hypnotherapy will tell you who you were in your past lives, who you are now, and who you will be in your future lives. This comes to show that each one of us is so much more than the physical aspect that everybody sees.

Life between Lives is a truly unique form of hypnotherapy with overwhelmingly positive results. Being able to connect with your past life and seeing the lessons that you can take from your past life in order to improve your current life is something that no other therapy can achieve. This process allows you to assemble a model of the spiritual realm and develop a complete perception of who you really are, which is simply a sum of the events that have occurred in your past lives.

If you are questioning your identity or your purpose here on planet earth, it’s time to look beyond the physical world. Life between Lives is able to help you understand who you truly are so you don’t doubt yourself again. Contact Ali Shah so you can finally see who you are or who you are meant to be.

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